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Brandon Love - Maryborough

Brandon Love grew up in Maryborough and is ready to start his career travelling the world by the seas with the Royal Australian Navy.

17_year-old Brandon recently proudly graduated from 11 weeks of initial training at the RAN Recruit School at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria and is looking forward to becoming a sailor specialising as a Marine Technician.

“Before I joined the Navy I was in year 12 and working as a casual at Bi-Lo supermarket. Now I’m starting a career that will let me travel the world surrounded by friends and colleagues”, Brandon said.

Recruit training instils the basic skills to become a sailor from cleaning, ironing, and living in a close communal environment, through to survival at sea, fire fighting, damage control and weapons handling. To round all of those skills out there’s also intense fitness training to fit in each day.

“Making new friends and developing new skills with the people I’ve trained with have been amazing. It’s a whole new experience and becomes a life changing event,” the new recruit said.

Brandon will now start further training to qualify as a Marine Technician sailor which involves operating, maintaining and repairing the ships machinery, gas turbines, diesel engines, ventilation, as well as power generation and distribution.

“Being an MT in the Navy is an important job. My cousin has been and MT for 13 years and encouraged me to join through his experiences. It’s an honour to have a great career and feel like you’re serving your country with pride,” Brandon added.

While there are still challenges and hard work ahead, Brandon is looking forward to spending some time with family and friends.

“I’m looking forward to visiting my family, friends and my dog. I’ve missed being with them and I’m excited to share all my stories and experiences with them,” he concluded.