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Ryan Walton

Who said water and electricity didn’t mix? Silkwood resident 17-year-old Ryan Walton has taken the plunge toward a career in the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronics Technician.

Recently graduating from 11 weeks of initial training at the RAN Recruit School at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria, Ryan is looking forward to taking the next step in an exciting career.

Recruit training instils the basic skills to become a sailor from cleaning, ironing, and living in a close communal environment, through to survival at sea, fire fighting, damage control and weapons handling. To round all of those skills out there’s also intense fitness training to fit in each day.

“There are lots of memorable and challenging moments during training. Damage Control was quite a challenge as they put you in compartments and flood it. It’s your goal to work as a team to block the holes to prevent the compartment from completely flooding. Even though you get entirely soaked in water it’s a lot of fun,” Ryan said.

Ryan will continue with further training to qualify as an ET sailor which involves operating, maintaining and monitoring electrical equipment and electronics components such as Communications, Radar and Weapons systems.  

“I’m really looking forward to finishing my trade with the Navy and working with the most up to date electrical equipment. I get to do that while travelling the world too,” he added.

While there are still challenges and hard work ahead, Ryan is looking forward to every experience he can get. In the short term, he can’t wait to share his experiences with family and friends.