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Alex Morthorpe - Petersham

Growing up with both parents serving in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) meant Lieutenant Alex Morthorpe moved around Australia constantly while growing up.

Deciding to follow in her parents footsteps, Alex joined the RAN in 2011, where she found her new home as a Maritime Warfare Officer (MWO) on the bridge of a RAN warship.

"I love going to work every day on the bridge of a Navy ship, I really enjoy every aspect of my job," Alex said.

"The thrill of driving a warship, conducting international transits, as well as entry and exits of harbours are the reasons why I love my job."

Alex is currently posted to HMAS Warramunga, which is deployed to the Middle East Area of Operation (MEAO) on Operation MANITOU, Australia's contribution to maritime security in the Middle East region.

"I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of the crew of HMAS Warramunga, she said.

"We have an extremely professional crew and the whole ships company is very excited to be deployed and completing operational tasking.

"Deploying to a multinational taskforce is the pinnacle of many service persons careers.

"The chance to conduct military operations in this part of the world, instils a professional satisfaction that makes me extremely proud be an Officer in the RAN."

16 years ago, Alex was standing on the wharf in Sydney farewelling her father, CAPT Ainslie Morthorpe, who was embarking on an operational deployment to the Middle East.

This time the tables are turned and it is Alex who is deploying and will be away from family and friends for a total of nine months.

"It's extremely hard being away from my family and friends, but knowing they are all proud of the work I'm doing makes this time away worthwhile," Alex said.

"I'm really looking forward to returning to Australia, it's the little things like laying on my lounge with my partner and cat that I am looking forward to the most."

HMAS Warramunga will return to their home port of Fleet Base East, Sydney, mid-way through 2018.