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Corey Evans - Campbelltown

On Father's Day, Campbelltown's Able Seaman Combat Systems Operator Corey Evans was aboard HMAS Newcastle as part of the ship's company patrolling Middle Eastern waters on Operation Manitou.

Operation Manitou is Australia's contribution to the US-led Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) - a multinational partnership focused on promoting a safe maritime environment.

CMF undertakes security operations in the region, including counter piracy and counter terrorism patrols across some of the world’s most important shipping lanes.

Able Seaman Evans has left behind his daughter, Chelsea, 5, to contribute to the overseas mission, something he has looked forward to since joining the Navy in 2013.

"I joined for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and experiences - seeing those parts of the world that you would not normally see," Able Seaman Evans said.

Working from the ship's operations room, Able Seaman Evans mans the air picture console used to track aircraft in close proximity to the ship.

With 31 nations contributing to CMF and more than 50,000 ships passing through the region each year, the waters are busy and high density aircraft traffic is common.

"As the ship's Combat Systems Operator my role is to monitor the system and to help prevent any air threats," Able Seaman Evans said.

This is Able Seaman Evan's first deployment and the first time he has been separated from his family for an extended period.

While he admits the separation may be difficult, home won't feel too far away with three friends from his hometown coincidently aboard.

"It's funny how small the Navy can be – I'm on my first operational deployment and I'm deploying with three other boys from Campbelltown," he said.

"Able Seaman Justin Barutha, Able Seaman Joshua Neilson and Leading Seaman James Cockburn are all from the local area – Yeah the boys!"

On his return to Australia, Able Seaman Evans is looking forward to enjoying quality time with his Family & daughter but before then, he'll try for a catch-up on Skype for Father's Day.

HMAS Newcastle returns to her home-port in Sydney in December this year.