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Emma Palmer - Repton

This year, Anzac Day will be very different for one veteran, Captain Emma Palmer, who is a familiar figure at the Dawn Service in her hometown of Repton, New South Wales.

This year she's deployed in Iraq with Task Group Taji Rotation Four – a combined force of Australian and New Zealand Defence Force personnel that's training Iraqi Security Forces just north of Baghdad for Operation Okra.

For the next few months she's based at the Taji Military Complex, where she is working in the Anzac military hospital as a Nursing Officer.

"It is a real privilege to be working as part of an Anzac establishment in Taji and something that is especially poignant on Anzac Day," she said.

In previous years, Captain Palmer has been a familiar face at the Repton Dawn Service.

This year, however, she'll be working at the hospital on Anzac Day.

"Our job here is to ensure the hospital is prepared for anything from a sports related soft tissue injury to a major trauma," she said.

"We are proud to be doing that alongside our Kiwi counterparts in support the men and women who are here training Iraqi soldiers and police."

As a Repton local, Captain Palmer joined the Army Reserve in 2007 whilst working as an ICU nurse at Coffs Harbour.

Since then, she has previously deployed to Afghanistan and is now in Iraq in support of Task Group Taji 4's Building Partner Capacity.

"Being away from home is a part of military life and I am thankful to my family and my community for the constant support that they provide," she said.

"Although I will miss the great Anzac spirit that exists in Repton on Anzac Day, I know that what we are doing here is really making a difference both here and at home."

Captain Emma Palmer is a member of Task Group Taji Four, a combined force of Australian and New Zealand Defence Force personnel training Iraqi Security Forces to defeat Daesh and maintain security in Iraq.

There are about 300 Australian and 100 New Zealanders in the Task Group.