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James Harrison - Sydney

The greenery of the east coast is a distant memory for James Harrison who is protecting the Australian commander on Operation Mazurka in Egypt.

On his first major deployment, Lance Corporal Harrison is one of 27 Australians deployed to the Sinai, Egypt on Operation Mazurka.

He enlisted in the Australian Army, Royal Australian Corps of Military Police in 2013 and was posted to Bravo Company, 1st Military Police Battalion at Robertson Barracks in Darwin.

He is now the Close Personal Protection and driver for the newly appointed Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) commander Major General Simon Stuart.

The MFO is an independent organisation headquartered in Rome that supervises implementation of the security arrangements to the 1979 Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel.

This in itself is quite a unique opportunity for LCPL Harrison as the new MFO commander is the first Australian Army Officer to assume command since 1997.

Traditionally, force protection for the MFO commander is appointed from the same nation.

LCPL Harrison said his duties varied from driving the commander around and most importantly looking after his personal protection.

"My day to day tasks include planning and evaluating the security protocols in place," LCPL Harrison said.

"In simple terms, I'm just like his personal bodyguard.

"I always had an interest in joining the Defence Force and challenging myself."

The MFO is maintained by 12 nations including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Fiji and France. Australia's involvement in the MFO began in early 1982 with the formation of an Australia-New Zealand combined helicopter squadron.

ADF members on Operation Mazurka assist in the peace process by monitoring the border, preparing daily operational briefings.