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Jasmine Lortan - Kellyville

Less than six months out of basic training Jasmine Lortan is already on the front line of a multi-national operation to counter terrorism and promote maritime security in the Middle East.

Seaman Maritime Logistics Personnel-Operations Lortan is one of 190 sailors crewing HMAS Arunta, Australia's contribution to maritime security operations for Operation Manitou.

"I'm excited and thankful that at 20 years old and less than six months out of basic training, the Navy has already taken me to several amazing countries and on operational deployment," she said.

"I can't wait to see the other countries we are programmed to pull into.

"It's also rewarding to be part of something that is having a positive influence on the world.

"I will be able to look back and be proud of what I have accomplished so far at the start of my Naval career."

She said she moved with her parents to Australia from South Africa as a three-year-old toddler and lived in the Sydney area until she joined the Navy in mid-2015.

Prior to the Navy, the Kellyville High School graduate worked as a life guard at Wet and Wild and the North Sydney Olympic Pool.

"I joined the Navy to travel, gain experience and have secure employment," she said.

"I liked helping people as a life guard and being a part of an organisation like the Royal Australian Navy means that I can both directly and indirectly continue to help people as part of my career."

The deployment is her first overseas trip, which she says is exciting but has presented some unexpected challenges.

"The beds are small and stacked three-high," she said.

"My bed is on the top and there is no ladder, I have to monkey myself up and down from there every morning and night."

Apart from climbing in and out of her bed every day, Jasmine conducts group physical training classes with the ship's Physical Training Instructor twice a day.

"I like to keep fit and active," she said.

"The food onboard is healthy and there is plenty of physical training classes as well a gym onboard."

Jasmine's core roll onboard is Personnel Operations which involves managing the ship's registry and correspondence.

"It's a busy job, there is always correspondence coming in and out of the ship and my main job is to keep track of it all and make sure it goes to the right people," she said.

"There are also lot of other duties that everyone pitches in to do as part of a community living on a ship.

"Some of these are the Ship's Medical Emergency Team, the scullery and helping with the lines when the ship pulls in and out of port."

The ship is nearly half way into her deployment and has already stopped at several amazing ports.

"Our First Port was Goa in India," she said.

"It was really amazing to experience the culture and local food.

"From there we have been extremely luck to visit some beautiful Middle Eastern ports such as Muscat, Oman, and Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates."

HMAS Arunta deployed on 13 November from Garden Island, Rockingham, Western Australia and is the 64th Australian Navy ship to be deployed to the region since 1990.