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Sarah Patterson - Bathurst

Bathurst girl and long-time rev-head Sarah Patterson could miss the action on Mt Panorama for the first time this year due to an opportunity for an inside view of Iraq.

The Army Lieutenant has deployed to Iraq as a radiographer to take x-rays and ultrasounds at the Taji Military Complex near Baghdad where Australian and coalition soldiers help train the Iraqi Army, however the sound of a powerful car is not far from her mind.

"I'm a Holden supporter, is there anything else?" she said.

"I'm a fan of the Holden Racing Team and the Red Bull team."

Though she won't make it to the mountain, Sarah may have a chance to see the V8s flying down Conrod Straight.

"I've requested the four days of V8s to be shown on TV here," she said.

"So I'm willing to get up at 3am to watch the races."

Sarah, who graduated from Mackillop College in 2003, works in Iraq treating Australian and coalition soldiers along with some civilians at the military complex.

"My position is important because it saves people from having to fly somewhere else just for an x-ray," she said.

"There are quite a few people with small issues that we can quickly assess with imaging to confirm their diagnosis here.

"That saves a lot of money compared to flying them out."

During her deployment Sarah has conducted over 60 x-rays and 40 ultrasounds but only recently acquired the latter skill.

"Ultrasound is a post-graduate qualification for radiographers," she said.

"I completed long-term schooling through Defence and managed to pick-up a deployment after I got back to the unit."

Sarah said her parents are proud to see her on her first deployment.

"They're really supportive and really happy for me," she said.

"My brother is an Army Reservist so he's pretty jealous."

The hospital is staffed by Australians and New Zealanders who don’t mind some good-natured banter between friends.

"I'm someone who likes to take the Mickey generally," she said.

"We like to pick on each other's accents; one of the Kiwi girls in the resuscitation bay and I are always onto each other.

"I've made friendships and also met people that I never would have back in Australia."