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Sergeant George Ling - Narromine

George Ling from Narromine has made it all the way to Afghanistan to protect Australians working at the Afghan National Army Officer Academy.

While Aussie soldiers are helping Afghan instructors, Sergeant Ling and his force protection team of "guardian angels" make sure their mates are safe.

"The trip is a different role for us infantrymen compared to what we're used to," he said.

"It's more of a force protection role than conventional fighting."

George is part of Joint Task Force 633 which commands Australia’s military involvement in the Middle East.

He last deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 and has noticed some improvements with the Afghans and security.

"From the last deployment I was on, the guys back home assume this one’s the same."

"On the last trip there was that higher threat of roadside bombs and small arms fire but there’s not much of that here now.”

George graduated Narromine High in 2000 and played footy for the Narromine Jets before joining the Army in 2002.

Though his parents no longer live in Narromine, George gets back to see aunties, uncles and cousins.

"Although I am now posted to Townsville, I try to get home once a year or whenever an old mate gets married," he said.

"The Army is a bit of a different lifestyle to anything back home where it is all about cotton, wheat and sheep."

George has been in Afghanistan for two months and should fly back to Australia in early next year.

There are currently about 420 Australian personnel in Afghanistan at Kabul and Kandahar supporting the ISAF train, advise and assist mission.