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Antony Buckingham - Kingsgrove

Former De La Sale College student Antony Buckingham has forged a career out of repeat visits.

Antony is back patrolling the streets of Dili in East Timor for the fourth time in his long Army career, which in itself is the result of many visits to his grandparents at Holsworthy.

46-year-old Sergeant Buckingham said it was inevitable for him to join the Army after living and growing up around Holsworthy Barracks in NSW.

"I remember visiting my grandparents at their married quarters on Holsworthy Barracks and being in the Army is pretty much a family tradition," he said.

"Holsworthy was pretty much the centre of our lives and we would have family dinners there on most Sundays," he said.

Antony is serving in the Australian Army as a Military Police Investigator, posted to the Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (ADFIS) and is currently on Exercise Pacific Partnership 2014.

ADFIS is a tri-Service organisation responsible for all sensitive, complex and major investigations involving the Australian Defence Force.

Antony joined the Army aged, straight after graduating in 1985 from De La Sale College, in Kingsgrove, NSW.

"Looking back I find that my job has always been interesting and a real challenge at times but the highlights of my job are helping people in trouble," he said.

"My job is to find out the truth and let the Army know what can be done to assist a member in trouble and manage that person as they have to go through a difficult process."

Antony said Exercise Pacific Partnership 2014 has been a great experience so far and that it is always a pleasure to come back to East Timor because as it is such a beautiful place.

"This is my fourth deployment to East Timor and it’s amazing to see how much things have evolved over the last 10 years," he said.

"You truly get a sense that it is developing into a better place."