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Daniel McBride - Lawson

Daniel McBride from Lawson, in the NSW Blue Mountains, will take his wife on a long overdue honeymoon now that his second deployment to Afghanistan is over.

Daniel, or Corporal Daniel McBride, recently returned home after being based at Multi National Base – Tarin Kot inside Afghanistan’s Uruzgan Province, where he worked as a Section Commander with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment Task Force.

“I commanded a section of ten men on combat operations,” he said.

“I also lead a security section which provided close security to the Brigade Advisory Team for when they were working with their ANA (Afghan National Army) counterparts.”

On his return to Australia, Daniel was reunited with his wife, Stacey, and together they took time out to buy a house, in the hope of starting a family.

Daniel, 25, said he missed his local pub, playing sport and hanging out with his mates back home in Lawson.

However, this deployment saw him walk away with new memories that are destined to last a lifetime.

“The stand out for me on this trip has been seeing how much improvement there has been since my last deployment,” he said.

“Especially the Afghan National Army, given they are now conducting successful operations by themselves with very little outside assistance from coalition forces.”

With two deployments to Afghanistan and a third to Timor–Leste, Daniel said he is proud of his contribution.

“I’m proud to be serving my country on operations and to be part of the stabilisation of Afghanistan,” he said.

The Australian Defence Force mission in Uruzgan has concluded and the majority of ADF members are on their way home.

Combined Team Uruzgan (CT-U), under the command of Colonel Wade Stothart, transferred the remaining infrastructure at Multi National Base Tarin Kot to the Afghan Government on 11 December with the remaining personnel departing the province on 15 December.

Australia has maintained a permanent presence in Uruzgan province since 2005 and assumed leadership of CT-U from the United States in October 2012, allowing Australia to play a greater role in managing the transition to Afghan security control in Uruzgan.

Following the completion of Australia’s mission in Uruzgan, Australia will shift to a nationally-oriented mission to provide ongoing training and advisory support for the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

Around 400 Defence personnel will remain in Afghanistan to advise and train the Afghan National Security Forces as they develop their command and logistics capabilities.”

This contingent will include instructors, advisors, support staff and force protection elements assigned to the Afghan National Army (ANA) Office Academy and the Special Operations Advisory Group based in Kabul; ongoing advisory support to the ANA’s 205 Corps Headquarters in Kandahar; ongoing commitment of advisors to the Logistics Training Advisory Team in Kabul; and a continuation of embed staff within a range of roles in ISAF Headquarters.