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Scott Kearney - Newcastle

Newcastle’s Scott Kearney is a ‘guardian angel’ currently enjoying the challenge of being the driver of an armoured vehicle in war-torn Afghanistan.

Trooper Scott Kearney is a driver with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment Task Force which is based in Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province.

Scott is what is known as a ‘guardian angel’ because of his job driving armoured Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles and protecting Australian soldiers.

It’s well known within Defence circles that the Bushmaster is responsible for saving the lives of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, because it provides unrivalled protection from Improvised Explosive Devices and small arms fire.

So it is little wonder that the drivers like Scott are held in such high regard.

Scott is now half way through his first deployment to Afghanistan and is a long way from the beaches of Newcastle where he grew up.

“For me, the moment I realised I was in a war zone was when I stepped off the plane in Tarin Kowt and saw all the helicopters flying overhead,” he said.

As a guardian angel Scott also provides protection for Australian troops who are tasked with advising and training the Afghan National Security Forces.

It’s a massive responsibility for the 23-year-old man who before joining the Army was a Tyre Fitter at Bob Jane T-Mart in Kotana.

Although he is in Afghanistan the young soldier maintains fond memories of home.

“Especially Quad Bike riding on Stockton beach and camping trips with my family,” Scott said.

As for what he is looking forward to most on his return to Australia.

“That’s easy…a few beers with family and friends,” he said.