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David Pickard - Orange

An Orange Fire Fighter has had some relief from the cold recently with a trip to Solomon Islands.

David Pickard, a Regular Army soldier posted to Orange’s Romani Barracks Army Reserve Depot, has just returned from a short deployment to Operation Anode, the ADF’s peacekeeping and stabilisation mission.

David, a corporal, is a supply operator which means it’s his job to deal with the array of stores and equipment the Army uses on a daily basis.

He said with Operation Anode coming to an end after 10 years, there was a lot of gear that needed to be cleaned, packed and shipped back to Australia.

“I wanted operational experience in a different theatre and this was the last opportunity to go to Solomon Islands,” he said.

“I also wanted to see the cultural difference between Solomon Islands and Australia.

“It was my second deployment – I was over in Timor as the Company Quartermaster Sergeant with the ANZAC Company over 2012-13.”

Corporal Pickard said his father influenced him to join the Army.

“My father was in the Army and he kept telling me it was a good career,” he said.

“I think my life in the Army has been awesome with meeting new people, not only in the ADF, but while doing training and operations in other countries.

“I’ve made some great mates and have seen a fair bit of Australia and overseas.”

Corporal Pickard joined the Army Reserve in Newcastle in 2006 and later transferred in to the Regular Army.