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National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise

Naval Shipbuilding Workforce Development

In its 2017 Naval Shipbuilding Plan, the Australian Government made clear that a skilled workforce is critical to the success of the National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise. The Enterprise will support economic growth and create thousands of direct and indirect jobs for Australians for generations to come.

To achieve the workforce development required to support the Enterprise, the size and skills of the naval shipbuilding and sustainment workforce will need to increase significantly.

The Government is investing in developing the skills and knowledge base of the naval shipbuilding industry, to build the sustainable workforce required and prepare for the subsequent workforce growth.

The Naval Shipbuilding College was established in 2018 to ensure a suitably skilled and qualified Australian workforce is available at the right time to meet industry's needs in delivering Australia's continuous naval shipbuilding program. Further details can be found on the Naval Shipbuilding College site.

In February 2019, the Government launched the Defence Industry Skilling and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Strategy. The Strategy details how the Government will help Australian defence industry meet their workforce skills requirements over the coming decade. It is a key part of the Government’s long-term vision to build and develop a robust, resilient, and internationally competitive Australian defence industrial base that meets defence capability requirements. In turn, the Strategy will inform the efforts of the Naval Shipbuilding College in attracting and retaining the STEM-capable workers needed for the future shipbuilding workforce.

There are a variety of other Defence Industry initiatives to help support workforce development, including skilling support grants administered through the Center for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC), the School Pathways Programmes, the Defence Industry Internship Program (DIIP), the Defence Engineering Internship Program, and the National Defence Industry Skills Office (NDISO). To view current job opportunities within the Defence Industry, visit the Defence Industry Career opportunities page.

The Government is consulting widely to inform future strategic workforce planning for the Enterprise. The submissions received in response to the Naval Shipbuilding Strategic Workforce Discussion Paper will contribute to this work. Submissions are now closed.

Download the Naval Shipbuilidng Strategic Workforce Discussion Paper [PDF 756KB].

If you would like to discuss future strategic workforce planning, please contact the National Naval Shipbuilding Office via the Shipbuilding Engagement team.