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National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise

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Establishing a National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise is a complex, long-term national endeavor which will present many challenges along the way. Success will require a coordinated, coherent, nation-wide approach that will take time to develop and mature. Time is necessary to learn and apply lessons, skill and grow the workforce and build a competitive shipbuilding industrial base, in order to create the enduring enterprise.

The Naval Shipbuilding Plan is implemented through strategic collaboration with all stakeholders, appropriate project management and strong governance. Defence, in close collaboration with other government agencies, industry and education sectors, and State and Territory Governments, is working hard to implement the initial stages of the Plan to build a strong foundation for the National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.

In addition to internal governmental governance, the independent Naval Shipbuilding Advisory Board has been established to provide expert advice to Government on all matters relating to the Enterprise. The Naval Shipbuilding Advisory Board consists of shipbuilding experts who are assisting to identify areas for further attention or adjustment by Government as the Naval Shipbuilding Plan is implemented.

Detail on opportunities for Australia’s shipbuilding industry arising from the 2020 Defence Strategic Update and 2020 Force Structure Plan will be included in an update to Naval Shipbuilding Plan.

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