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National Welfare Coordination Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. My spouse’s grandfather has passed away and I need to get my partner to ring home.
Q. My spouse is deployed and I have to go into hospital for surgery.
Q. My daughter has been in a motor vehicle accident and I need to get a message to my spouse.

A. Contact NWCC for assistance in contacting the deployed member.

Q. My married quarter has no hot water and or electricity. What can I do?
Q. At tree has fallen down in the back yard and is too big for me to clean it up. What can I do?

A. Contact DHA maintenance (1300 366 615) for assistance.

Q. My partner is/about to be deployed, how can I prepare?

A. Ensure your Family Welfare Plan is in place. For an example please download the template from this website.

Q. My Partner is deployed and I haven't heard from him for a week, should I be worried?

A. No, they're probably in the field away from their base and are unable to contact home. In the first instance, send an email to their Defence or personal message. If it is of an urgent nature, contact NWCC for advice.

Q. My spouse is away from home and I have to go into Hospital, how will I look after the kids?
Q. My spouse is away from home and I find myself bed bound due to a medical condition. I am now unable to care for my two children. I have no support network here as my extended family live interstate.
Q. My spouse is away from home, I have hurt my back in a car accident and I can't look after myself properly. I am off work for two weeks and I need help around the house with simple things.

A. The Emergency Support for Families Scheme (ESFS) has been developed to provide short term practical assistance to dependants of ADF members experiencing an emergency or family crisis when the member is absent from home for Service reasons. The ESFS scheme is managed by DCO and you should be aware that this scheme is Fringe Benefit Tax reportable on the ADF member's pay summary.

The service may assist with:

  • Dependant care;
  • Specialist dependant care; Housekeeping;
  • Child minding;
  • Respite care; and
  • Travel for immediate family to provide support to the member's dependants.

To see if you are eligible, visit the DCO Website for further information.