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Defence Honours & Awards

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Queen’s South Africa Medal

The Queen’s South Africa Medal was awarded for service in the Boer War in South Africa. The Australian colonies raised units and a number of Australians who were not able to join Australian units enlisted in British and South African units.


The medal is a silver and bronze medal with the crowned and veiled head of Queen Victoria on the obverse.

The reverse has Britannia with a flag in her left hand holding out a laurel wreath to a party of advancing soldiers. In the background are two warships. Below the wreath the dates ‘1899-1900’ are shown. Around the top are the words ‘SOUTH AFRICA’.


The ribbon has a broad orange central stripe flanked by two dark blue stripes and red edges.


Twenty six clasps were issued for the Queen’s South Africa Medal. Of these, the following clasps were issued to Australian State or Commonwealth units or to individuals who served from 11 October 1899 to 31 May 1902:



Cape Colony

11 October 1899 to 31 May 1902


11 October 1899 to 17 May 1900


11 October 1899 to 17 May 1900

Relief of Mafeking

17 May 1900


23 November 1899

Modder River

28 November 1899

Relief of Kimberley

15 February 1900


17 to 26 February 1900

Orange Free State

28 February 1900 to 31 May 1902


10 March 1900


9 to 25 April 1900


24 May 1900 to 31 May 1902


31 May 1900

Diamond Hill

11 to 12 June 1900


1 to 29 July 1900


26 to 27 August 1900

South Africa 1901 *

1 January 1901 to 31 December 1901

South Africa 1902 *

1 January 1902 to 31 May 1902

* Either the clasp South Africa 1901 or South Africa 1902 were issued if the recipient was not eligible for the award of the King’s South Africa Medal

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Queen's South Africa Medal - Reverse - Click to open high resolution version in new window

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