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Military Law Centre

Military Law Centre


The Australian Defence Force Military Law Centre (MLC) was established by Defence Legal in January 2000 to take responsibility for the co-ordination, formulation and delivery of legal training for the professional development of legal officers in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The MLC is located at Victoria Barracks, Paddington in Sydney, Australia.

Mission: The mission of the MLC is to contribute to the success of the ADF through the provision of high quality military legal training.

The vision of the MLC is to be known and recognised at home, in the region and by other military forces as a quality provider of professional, innovative and contemporary training to military legal practitioners, ADF members and support staff.


Responsibilities of the MLC include to:

  • Develop and deliver legal education and training to ADF Legal Officers to support ADF operations
  • Provide support to deliver legal education to ADF pre-command courses and other legal courses to support ADF operations
  • Develop and provide guidance relating to military justice and operations law training policy and governance
  • Design and provide guidance in the development and delivery of training material in military law across the ADF
  • Organise conferences and workshops on current legal issues.

Legal Training Modules (LTMs)

The MLC is responsible for the design and delivery of both initial and post-initial employment training (IET and PIET) for ADF Legal Officers. This training is a combination of academic and vocational-based training to equip ADF Legal Officers with the knowledge, skills and attributes to be an effective Legal Officer at the various points in their ADF career.

All ADF Legal Officers, are required to complete LTMs for career progression. An overview of typical career progression through the LTMs is provided here.

LTM1 Courses in 2020


Course Dates

Closing Date for Nominations

Panel Published

LTM1 01/20

30 Mar - 09 Apr 20

31 Jan 20

17 Feb 20

LTM1 02/20 14 Sep - 25 Sep 20 17 Jul 20 27 Jul 20
LTM1 03/20 12 Oct - 23 Oct 20 08 Aug 20 17 Aug 20

Completion of LTM1 Consolidation Tasks is also required prior to being able to commence LTM2. Information regarding the LTM1 Consolidation Tasks can be found on the LTM1 Consolidation Tasks Page

LTM2 Courses in 2020


Course Dates

Closing Date for Nominations

Panel Published

LTM2 Military Operations Law

02 - 06 Mar 20

20 Jan 20

03 Feb 20

LTM2 Military Administrative Law

25 - 29 May 20

30 Mar 20

14 Apr 20

LTM2 Military Discipline Law

31 Aug - 04 Sep 20

06 Jul 20

20 Jul 20

LTM2 Military Legal Practice

30 Nov - 04 Dec 20

05 Oct 20

19 Oct 20

LTM3 Courses in 2020


Course Dates

Closing Date for Nominations

Panel Published

26 - 30 Oct 20
17 Aug 20
14 Sep 20
LTM3 Elective Courses Various Various Minimum 10 weeks prior to commencement of course

Enrolment in LTM Courses. To be eligible to enrol in any LTM course, a legal officer must be a member of the Legal Officers’ Specialist Officer Career Structure (LOSOCS) and be at the appropriate Legal Level. More information on the LOSOCS Policy and becoming part of the LOSOCS can be found at

To nominate for an LTM course (including LTM3 elective), please complete the MLC Course Nomination Form and email to

More information on the courses offered by the Australian National University and the University of Adelaide can be found on their websites: The Australian National University Law Faculty and University of Adelaide Law School.

MLC Training Handbook

All legal officers from Legal Levels 1 to 3, and their supervisors, should read the MLC Legal Officer Training Handbook. The Handbook outlines military legal training available for legal officers in the ADF, including policy and administrative matters concerning such training.

Regrade from LL4 to LL5

ADF Legal Officers intending to regrade from LL4 to LL5 are required to complete CPDC approved management training course/s.

For specific course requirements and the empanelment process please

Advanced Inquiry Officer Courses

Calls for nomination for the Military Law Centre’s Advanced Inquiry Officer course are released via DEFGRAM. Nominations must be supported by your respective Service Inquiry Cell.

For further information, please contact the Military Law Centre,

Closing Date for Nominations

Panel Published

18 - 21 Feb 20


06 - 09 Oct 20


Contact Details

Military Law Centre
Victoria Barracks, Building 113
Oxford Street
Paddington 2021
Phone: +61 2 8335 5627