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Director General Military Legal Services


The Director General is head of Military Legal Service Branch and is responsible for the provision of military legal advice and related legal services to the ADF, the Department of Defence and the Minister on matters of law. The DGMLS acts as principal ADF legal adviser in the areas of military administrative law, military operations law and military discipline law. The DGMLS Branch consists of five directorates: Directorate of International Government Agreements and Arrangements; Directorate of Military Discipline Law; Directorate of the Military Law Centre; Directorate of Intellegence and Security Law; and the Directorate of Operations and International Law.

As chair of the Legal Officers’ Career and Professional Development Committee, the DGMLS advises on ADF legal officers’ competency and professional development. Through the Military Law Centre, DGMLS provides and coordinates professional development training courses for ADF legal officers and acts as ADF subject matter adviser on all aspects of military law.

DGMLS manages the resources and retains professional oversight over all ADF legal officers throughout Australia and overseas.


Director General Military Legal Service 
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