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Directorate of Military Discipline Law


The Directorate of Military Discipline Law's (DMDL)mission is to provide high-quality, timely legal advice and support to command, management and other ADF legal officers on all aspects of military discipline law


  • Provide professional oversight of the practical application of discipline law in the ADF;
  • Provide advice to the CDF and the Service Chiefs on the application of the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982 (DFDA), including petitions and appeals;
  • Provide assistance to, and the provision of advice to the Inspector-General Australian Defence Force, Service Police and Investigative authorities on policy, procedures, and investigations;
  • Liaise with the Judge Advocate General of the ADF on professional and technical matters regarding the military discipline system
  • Manage, review and co-ordinate the up-dating of the Discipline Law Manual (DLM) and relevant Defence Instructions. Noting that DMDR are responsible for those parts of the DLM involving the proposed Military Court of Australia;
  • Staff all Defence Force Regulation 4 (DFR4) Orders to CDF and maintain a register of extant and historical instruments.
  • Provide legal advice on Defence policies and instructions regarding the discipline law aspects
  • Provide legal advice on and staff all discipline law related legislative amendments
  • Provide legal advice on command and control issues regarding the discipline law aspects
  • Provide advice, input and assistance in discipline law training

Military Justice Enquiries

DMDL is involved in actioning the outcomes of inquiries into military justice: more especially the discipline law aspects. These have included the 2005 Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee's Inquiry into the effectiveness of Australia's military justice system and the FINAL REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT REVIEW ON THE HEALTH OF THE REFORMED MILITARY JUSTICE SYSTEM (STREET & FISHER REPORT).

Legislative, regulatory and policy changes are being developed or considered in order to address agreed recommendations.

DMDL is also reviewing Part VI of the DFDA in order to provide command with some recommended changes to modernise our investigative capabilities within the ADF and more properly reflect the role and responsibilities of the ADF Investigative Service.


Directorate of Military Discipline Law
Defence Legal
PO Box 7911
Ph: 02 6266 2108
Fax:02 6266 3156