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Directorate of External Legal Services


The Directorate of External Legal Services (DELS) is responsible for managing the procurement of external legal services on behalf of the Department of Defence (Defence) to support and enable Defence to deliver its core capabilities across a multitude of projects, functions and services.

Procurement Arrangements

The Attorney-General’s Department’s Legal Services Multi-Use List (LSMUL) expired on 30 June 2018.  In June 2018 the Government committed to establishing a new Whole-of- Australian Government Legal Services Panel (WOAG Legal Services Panel) as a coordinated procurement to be administered by the Attorney General's Department (AGD).  The New Panel will commence on 15 August 2019.

Further Information regarding the management of the WOAG Legal Services Panel is available at:

Interim Arrangements for Defence and Procuring External Legal Services

Defence has six months from the establishment of the WOAG Legal Services Panel to begin procuring (transitioning) to the new panel.  During this time while we begin to transition to this new arrangement Defence will be utilising existing parcelling arrangements established under the LSMUL and extended to cover the transition period (until 31 December 2019).

Defence currently procures external legal services from the:

  • Department of Defence, Capability Acquisitions and Sustainment Group – Strategic Commercial Parcel;
  • Australian Taxation Office – Legal Services non-Tax Disputes and Advice Parcel; and
  • Department of Human Services – General Legal Services Parcel and Secondment Services.

If you would like any further information about the approach Defence is taking to the procurement of legal services or working with Defence, please email your enquiry to

Department of Defence
Defence Legal – Directorate of External Legal Services
PO Box 7911

DELS Contact: (02) 6266 3617, email: