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Directorate of Administration Law and Advisings


The Directorate of Administrative Law and Advisings provides administrative law advice to the Minister, CDF, Service Chiefs, and all ADF elements. DALA provides advice on a wide range of administrative law matters affecting Defence activities and the service of ADF and APS members.


Advice concerning the development and application of policy on the conduct and administration of administrative inquiries; including the ongoing review of inquiry legislation and the maintenance of the Administrative Inquiries Manual;

Legal advice concerning the development and application of ADF and Departmental personnel policies and practices, including those dealing with harassment and discrimination,
management of sensitive, high profile and complex matters which involve administrative law issues;

Legal advice in relation to claims for Defective Administration;

Legal clearance of Defence instructions including assistance with problem solving, drafting and statutory interpretation;

The provision of legal advice concerning the development and application of policy on adverse administrative action against individual personnel, eg. termination of appointment, warnings, censures, and reduction in rank;

Legal advice on the development and application of laws and policy on the Redress of Grievance system, Ombudsman, HREOC, Privacy Complaints and Ministerials;

Liaison with external review agencies such as Parliamentary Inquiries, Ombudsman, HREOC, and the Defence Force Ombudsman;

Advice on the application of Determinations issued under the Defence Act 1903 and other commonwealth legislation;

Lecturing support for various Defence courses on administrative law issues, including decision making and administrative inquiries;

Legal support and guidance to ADF and APS legal officers located around Australia.


Directorate of Administrative Law & Advisings  
Defence Legal
PO Box 7911