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Associate Secretary

Mr Brendan Sargeant

Brendan Sargeant

Mr Sargeant is the Associate Secretary of the Australian Department of Defence.

Mr Sargeant has had wide experience in Defence and has held senior appointments including Deputy Head of the Defence Personnel Executive, Minister/Counsellor Defence Policy at Australian Embassy Washington, Deputy Director Intelligence at Defence Signals Directorate, Head of Strategic Policy Division and Deputy Secretary Strategy.

In 2006 Mr Sargeant transferred to Centrelink and held a number of senior appointments, including General Manager, Information Technology, Planning and Project Coordination, and General Manager, Strategy and Capability.

In January 2009, Mr Sargeant transferred to the position of First Assistant Secretary, Government and Defence Division, Budget Group, Department of Finance and Deregulation. Mr Sargeant was promoted to Deputy Secretary Strategy (Operations), Department of Defence in February 2010, and subsequently transferred to Deputy Secretary Strategic Reform and Governance for two years prior to taking up the Deputy Secretary Strategy role.

He was promoted to his current appointment of Associate Secretary in September 2013.

In October 2015 Mr Sargeant completed the Advanced Management Program at Wharton’s Business School.

Mr Sargeant has degrees in Political Science and English Literature.