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Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative

Establishing Defence Training Areas

Defence will take a number of steps to establish the military training areas in Central and North Queensland. Some of these steps are dependent on others and some are happening in parallel.

Before the training areas can be used, Defence will take the following steps to establish a military training area:

Training and sustainment circular diagram showing ongoing community and industry consultation and land acquisition, transitional licences, environmental studies, land use agreements, land tenure, training area planning and construction segments

Consult with community and industry

Defence places a strong priority on community and industry consultation, and continues to engage with local communities in Central and North Queensland while establishing the training areas.

Visit the Community Engagement page to learn more about ASMTI’s engagement with community and industry.

Acquire land

Acquisition of land under the ASMTI in North Queensland is complete.

To enhance the utility of the training area in Central Queensland, its footprint may continue to change as opportunities arise with willing sellers.

Manage transitional licence arrangements

Defence has offered post-purchase licences to former property owners to allow them sufficient time to relocate from the land.

Conduct environment and heritage studies

Defence strives to protect biodiversity and heritage values when establishing and using training areas, and is undertaking environment and heritage studies to inform its land management plans in Central and North Queensland.

For more information about Defence’s environmental management, visit the Managing Defence Training Areas webpage.

Negotiate Indigenous Land Use Agreements

The expansion and development of training areas under the ASMTI requires the negotiation of Indigenous Land Use Agreements in accordance with the Native Title Act 1993.

Defence is committed to developing long-term, collaborative arrangements with Traditional Owners at each location.

Establish land tenure appropriate for Defence use

Establishing the training areas and their use by Defence relies upon the transfer of state-owned interests within the training area footprint to the Commonwealth.

Examples include easements and unallocated state land.

Design training areas

Defence will complete detailed design and planning processes for the training areas in Central and North Queensland.

Visit the Business Opportunities webpage to learn more about opportunities for local business during the planning and design of the training areas.

Build training area infrastructure and facilities

Construction activities commenced in both Central and North Queensland in 2019.

Early construction work focuses on safety and security and is likely to include the removal of redundant infrastructure such as old sheds, the remediation of contaminated sites like old dump sites and cattle dips, the installation of security signage and boundary fencing, and the creation of fire break corridors.

Visit the Business Opportunities webpage to learn more about opportunities for local business during construction of the training areas.