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Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative

Advanced Training Areas

Australian Army soldier, Private Matt Wood, prepares to launch a PD-100 Black Hornet Nano unmanned aircraft vehicle during Land Trial 02-18 at the Townsville Field Training Area in North Queensland.The development of training areas under the ASMTI presents a unique opportunity to create advanced training areas.

Advanced training areas provide the ability to establish a multi-domain training environment where digital communications, augmented reality, autonomous systems, robotics and simulation are integrated with facilities and the environment.

The multi-domain environment will enable personnel to train more realistically, with sophisticated scenarios and with the equipment and systems being introduced over the coming decades.

Design and planning for the development of advanced training areas has commenced. Defence continues to encourage and facilitate discussion with government, science, technology and industry stakeholders to ensure an adaptable approach to advanced training areas that allows for the incorporation of new technologies.

The ASMTI will also provide opportunities for building skilled local workforces to service and maintain the advanced training facilities and infrastructure. Defence will consult with local universities, the Queensland Government and local councils about how the Central and North Queensland regions can realise these opportunities.