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Defence Infrastructure Division

Air 6000 Phase 2A/B - New Air Combat Capability Facilities Project

RAAF Base Williamtown Works

The proposed works at RAAF Base Williamtown will include an F-35A Operational Precinct, runway pavement upgrades, explosive ordnance preparation facilities, engineering infrastructure and replacement of displaced elements.

Air 6000 RAAF Base Williamtown Works

F-35A Operational Precinct. The F-35A Operational Precinct is proposed to provide a secure precinct which will be the basis of F-35A operations at RAAF Base Williamtown. The proposed site will include the following facilities:

  1. 2OCU Complex. 2OCU will provide training to pilot and maintainer trainees in the classroom, simulators and, for pilots, real world flying in F-35As. It will provide pilots and maintainers accepted into the F-35A program with their initial training on the platform. The proposed facility will house squadron working accommodation, maintenance areas to support the flying squadron and two training wings, one for pilot training and one for maintainer training.
  2. Combined 3 & 77 Squadron Headquarters Facility.  A Combined Squadron Headquarters facility is proposed, providing efficiencies and facilitating interoperability. Each squadron will have its own headquarters area to exercise effective command and control of F-35A operations and to prepare for exercises and deployments. Maintenance and operations areas will have similar facilities to the flying squadron area of the 2OCU Complex. Efficiencies will be gained through sharing of some administrative functions between squadrons. Each hangar will include five aircraft spaces in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding squadron level maintenance.
  3. Off-Aircraft Maintenance Facility. Off-aircraft maintenance for all three squadrons at RAAF Base Williamtown is proposed to be conducted at a shared facility. Components or elements that can be removed from the aircraft for maintenance, such as engines, wheels, tyres, canopies and batteries will be maintained in this facility.
  4. Off-Board Information System Centre. The proposed Off-Board Information System Centre is a secure facility that will facilitate through-life support of the off-board information system. It will be a dedicated computer laboratory for secure functions such as the installation of software updates and preparation of equipment for operations and deployments.
  5.  Parking Apron.  The proposed parking apron provides a secure area where aircraft are parked when not flying and minor maintenance tasks can be conducted. An aircraft wash facility with two bays will be shared between the three squadrons. One of the bays is proposed to include an engine wash facility.
  6. Deeper Level Maintenance Facility. Deeper level maintenance is proposed to be conducted in a specialised, contractor-run, facility that will be delivered after 2020 through adaptive re-use of the existing Hornet Upgrade Hangar.

Low Observability Refresh Facility. The proposed facility will facilitate the testing and painting of the surface finish of the aircraft.

Runway Works. The safe operation of the aircraft will require improvements to the runways and associated infrastructure at RAAF Base Williamtown. The proposed works include the following:

  1. Runway Extension.
  2. Runway Approaches, Airfield Lighting and Navigation Aids.
  3. Taxiways.
  4. Operational Readiness Platforms.

Explosive Ordnance Facilities. The proposed explosive ordnance facilities to be delivered include:

  1. High Explosive Ordnance Preparation Facilities.
  2. Ammunition and Counter-Measure Preparation Facilities.
  3. Ordnance Loading Apron Facilities.

Engineering Infrastructure. Site engineering infrastructure is proposed to be upgraded to support the facilities being delivered as part of the proposed works and to comply with modern statutory requirements.

Through Life Support. Through life support for the aircraft system will be provided by the Air Combat Systems Program Office and the Lockheed Martin National Operations Centre.

Displaced Facilities. The following existing base facilities will be displaced by the siting of the proposed F-35A Operational Precinct and are proposed to be replaced by the project:

  1. Some access roads;
  2. Liquid Dry Breathing Oxygen storage; and
  3. Bureau of Meteorology weather station.