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Defence Health

Mental Health Programs

Mental Health Programs

Dents in the Soul

DVD dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Dents in the Soul

Army, in conjunction with Mental Health, Defence Publishing Service and Singer Songwriter Mr John Schumann have produced a DVD designed to address stigma, offer support and raise awareness of the issues surrounding PTSD for Army personnel and their families. Featuring Army members who share their own experiences with PTSD, the DVD supports the important message of look after yourself, your mates and your family.

Find out more and see the 30-minute mini documentary...

About us

Mental Health is a multi-disciplinary Joint Health Command Directorate that consists of uniformed and civilian specialists from medical, psychiatry, psychology, nursing, chaplains, social workers and administrative staff. Located in Canberra and with Mental Health Teams throughout Australia and operationally on overseas deployment who help provide support to Defence members and their families.

What is our main aim

To provide timely, evidence based mental health support to Commanders and Australian Defence Force (ADF) members through the development of policy, training and treatment programs which, while evidence based, is adapted to the special conditions found in military service.

We pride ourselves in enhancing the operational effectiveness of the ADF and to take care of its key capability its people.

What we provide

Mental Health has an integrated, multi-disciplinary focus for the delivery of a broad spectrum of mental health services, including mental health promotion, training, prevention, early identification, treatment and rehabilitation. We recognise that mental health is not solely related to diagnosable mental disorders, but encompasses a broad range of lifestyle, mental wellbeing and job performance factors. Through the ADF Mental Health Strategy (MHS) we are able to focus on prevention and evidence-based treatment to maximise retention and enhance the quality of life for Defence personnel.

We have six key initiatives:

  • Integration and Enhancement of ADF Mental Health Services,
  • ADF Mental Health Research and Surveillance,
  • Enhanced Resilience and Wellbeing in the ADF;
  • ADF Critical Incident Mental Health Support,
  • ADF Suicide Prevention Program, and
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Program.

Should you wish to provide feedback on the ADF Mental Health Strategy Internet pages or have any enquiries, please email