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Reporting and record-keeping requirements


Important Note: Your reports to us must be provided via email.

If you are issued with an export approval covering multiple shipments, we may require you to submit regular reports detailing the exports, including nil returns, made under the approval. This is in accordance with Regulation 13E of the Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations 1958.

Reports must be lodged with us within ten (10) working days of the end of each reporting period, using one of the approved reporting forms below. The reporting periods are prescribed within the reporting condition.

We have several reporting templates to assist exporters:

Records storage facility

Record keeping

Both the Customs Act 1901 and the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 require exporters to maintain records for five (5) years. The Defence Trade Controls Regulation 2013 (Part 6) specifies the sort of information which you must keep on record, including:

  • a description of the goods or DSGL technology you supplied or brokered under the permit
  • the permit number
  • details of the person receiving the goods or DSGL technology
  • details of the person arranging the supply (i.e. brokering)
  • the date or period of dates over which the goods or DSGL technology will be provided.

There are different record-keeping requirements for supply or brokering activities. You should check your approval document for specific details.

For further information please contact DEC.