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Reporting Suspicious Approaches Form

Important Note: All information you provide to DEC is treated confidentially. You are not obliged to provide personal information to us and can lodge a report anonymously. From time to time, DEC may require further information or clarification so you may wish to consider including your contact details.

This online form may be used to submit information on a suspicious approach.


The information you provide DEC is collected for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of Australian export controls and the enforcement of Commonwealth and State laws.

Your information will not be used for any other purpose, unless authorised or required by law. As part of our assessment of the information, we may identify the need to forward the information to other Commonwealth and State agencies, including law enforcement and security agencies.

Beyond this, we will not disclose your personal information to any additional parties without your consent. You can update or modify the information you have provided by telephoning, emailing or sending a letter to DEC.

DEC wants to protect you and any information you provide. When you submit this form, the only acknowledgement you will get is a system generated reference number (e.g. 201007010000). If you want to be contacted then you must provide at least one point of contact (e.g. phone, mobile or email).

* defines a mandatory field

Your Contact Details

You are not obliged to provide contact information, however, we may wish to contact you to discuss the information you provide in more detail or to obtain copies of any emails, letters or faxes.

Do you want to be contacted?
Details of the Suspicious Approach

In this section please tell us about the person or Company that approached you

*Date of this Approach
*Do you have contact details for the Person or Company?
*Have you reported information about this approach previously to DEC? DEC
*Have you been approached more than one time?
*Do you have any emails, faxes, letters or other correspondence that can be forwarded to us? please email the documents to or mail to DEC including the reference number

Additional Comments:

Include your personal views on:

  • How knowledgeable did the person making the enquiry appear?
  • Were there any specific requests or requirements?
  • Did the goods have to be shipped via a specific method or route?


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