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Register of Brokers

This is the Register of Brokers as required by section 24 of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012

Broker Name

Broker Registration End Date

Is the Broker Registration subject to conditions? (Y/N)

Elbit Systems of Australia Pty Ltd 28 October 2020 No
Saab Australia Pty Ltd 30 October 2020 No
BTI Defence Technologies Pty Ltd 11 January 2021 No
Thales Australia Limited 23 February 2021 No
BAE Systems Australia Limited 25 February 2021 No
Ixom Operations 17 June 2021 No
Spearpoint Solutions and Technology Pty Ltd 13 September 2021 No
Alpha Group Industries Pty Ltd 4 October 2021 No
DroneShield Limited 7 June 2022 No
RWCONSULTING 15 December 2022 No
Matthew Bundy 16 June 2023 No
LES Australia Pty Ltd 28 November 2023 No
Vincent Francois Marty 06 September 2024 No

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