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Register as a DEC Client

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Before submitting any application with Defence Export Controls, or for the Australia-US Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty, you must register with Defence. The client registration form collects the relevant organisational and contact information to create a unique registration record.

You must submit a Client Registration Form to register.

Registrations should be made in the name of the entity that will be the exporter for the purposes of the export declaration to the Australian Border Force.

For example, System Program Offices (SPO) from the Defence Materiel Organisation must register the SPO as the client. A person who is taking a firearm overseas for competition must register the name of the individual as the client. There is no requirement for individuals, who may submit applications on behalf of an organisation, to register separately.

When registering contacts for a company or government entity, each contact must have their own individual email addresses. Otherwise, the registration form can not be uploaded into the Defence Export Control System (DECS). If your organisation has a group email address which should be included as a recipient on emails sent from Defence; include this group email address in the body of the email in which the registration form is submitted.

It is important to keep us informed if any of your registration details change, because these details are used when issuing a permission or letter. Client registration details can be updated by sending an email to

The DEC IT system (DECS) will now be used by DEC to facilitate and manage all US Third Party Transfer (TPT) applications. It is a requirement of DECS that each named entity (including the Defence Applicant (SPO/Project) and the proposed industry recipients of the US technology) has a DCRN.