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Apply for Multi-Party Permits and Permits to Match Contracts

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Multi-Party (Project) Permits

If you are one of a group of people working on a project, and you all expect to be exporting controlled goods, software or technology as part of your work, we can help to simplify the process of applying for export approvals. We can accept an application from a single applicant, who is applying on behalf of other applicants, and issue similar permits to each of the individuals or organisations listed on the application.

This is useful for those working on a joint project or collaborative activity, since only one person has to submit an application on behalf of all the other parties who will require an export permit. Each of the parties named on the application will be issued with a separate permit.

If you are not sure what goods, software or technology requires a permit, Defence Export Controls recommends that you first submit an 'Application for DSGL/ Activity Assessment'. If the outcome of this assessment is that any items require an export permit, a contact officer will be assigned to liaise with you to work on the permit application and assessment process.

Permits to Match Contracts

You can now apply for permits to export goods, software or technology, where the expiration date of the permit is more specifically aligned to the terms of a contract. Such permits can include the provision of services or research activities.

Contracts can be for:

  • the delivery of specified goods that are manufactured, produced or altered in Australia;
  • goods being re-exported after being repaired in Australia;
  • goods being sent to a selling agent or retailer;
  • services, e.g. technical expertise; or
  • technology or goods that are developed as part of a research activity.

Changes to the 'Application to Export or Supply Controlled Goods or Technology' form include new fields that ask if you need a permit to be tailored to support an existing contract. You will need to state the expiry date, the name/title of the contract and attach documentary evidence of the contract.

Some organisations may prefer to match permits to contracts to help manage export control compliance: this may be useful for defence contracts as well as sustainment or warranty agreements.

You will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Project permits here.