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Apply for an in-principle assessment to export controlled goods or technology

If you are not yet ready to apply for an export permit, but you want to know whether or not you are likely to be granted approval to export goods or technology in the future, then you can apply to us for In Principle assessment. You may find this useful for strategic planning. For example, when developing a new capability or product that could be subject to export controls, in-principle permission may help you decide if the product would likely have export approval, and is therefore, on balance, worth the investment.

Also, before spending a lot of time and money on marketing existing controlled goods, services or technology overseas, it is possible to seek an in-principle assessment to understand the likelihood of receiving permission to export when the time comes to do so.

We recommend you seek in-principle assessment as early as possible as part of business planning processes.

Note: This does not provide permission to export.

The in-principle assessment is preliminary advice, which indicates the likely outcome of a future application to export to a specific destination or end user. It is issued based on the information you provide, and an assessment of factors at a particular time, including international security considerations. As factors affecting assessment outcomes may change over time, in-principle assessments are not a guarantee of future permission to export controlled goods, services or technology.

You can ask for an in-principle assessment by submitting a completed Application to Export Controlled Goods and Technology form, which has an option where you can flag that you are only after an in-principle assessment at the moment.

Note: An export permit is still required to actually export goods, services or technology and an export approval will be required to export samples, technology or to send equipment overseas for demonstration.
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