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What should I do, if I think I've made a mistake ?

We know that mistakes happen! From time to time people may identify that they have exported or supplied goods, software or technology without a permit, or have incorrectly used a permit.  If this happens, you should notify us as soon as possible.

We take a graduated approach to compliance.  It is in our best interest for Australian exporters to be both willing and able to comply with export controls.  Therefore, our focus is on working with exporters to prevent and address compliance breaches.  Repeated non-compliance can result in permits being subject to stronger compliance conditions, revocation of permits, or referral for criminal prosecution.  

We often get asked, ‘If export control laws are breached, who is likely to be prosecuted, the organisation or the employee / member?’ This decision will ultimately be made by the prosecuting authority (e.g. the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions) and it will depend on the facts of a particular case.  Some factors that may be considered will include:

  • If a permit has been issued
  • Who is the holder of the permit
  • Does the organisation have effective export control compliance policies and procedures
  • Did an employee / member ignore or act outside of the organisation's policy and procedures