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How might my export be blocked?

If you are exporting controlled goods, you must get permission from us first, and you must provide details of that permission to the Australian Border Force in an Export Declaration Notice. If you do not, regardless of the value of the goods, the goods may be classified as “Prohibited Exports” and be liable for seizure by the ABF.  Information on making an ABF declaration is available from the ABF website.

Your exports may be blocked if you do not follow the correct procedures, or if the Minister for Defence determines that the export could prejudice Australia's security, defence or international relations.

The Minister for Defence can prohibit exports where he or she suspects that the export of particular goods to a particular place or person could be for a military end-use that would prejudice the security, defence or international relations of Australia. The Minister can also prohibit the supply and export of goods which comprise equipment and technologies developed to meet commercial needs, but which may be used for the development or production of Weapons of Mass Destruction. These goods are referred to colloquially as dual-use goods.