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Apply for a licence or permission to export controlled goods or technology

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If your goods, services or technologies are controlled, you will need to complete an Application to Export Controlled Goods and Technology form. Please supply as much detail and documentation as possible as this will assist with the processing timeliness.

Note: The Defence Export Control System (DECS) requires applicants to register as a DEC client before submitting an application. Applicants may register on the Register as a DEC Client page.

Further information on the use of a permit or licence is available on the Requirements for using a DEC permit or licence page.

For any exports of non-controlled goods, services or technologies, where there is a suspicion that the commodities may be used for a weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program, advice should be sought from DEC by submitting an Application to Export Controlled Goods and Technology Form.

All applications for export are assessed with consideration to the DSGL, Customs Amendment (Military End-Use) Act, sanctions legislation, and the WMD Act.

For those applicants who are submitting an application with more than ten lines of goods or technology, DEC has developed a Bulk upload file for an Application to Export Controlled Goods and Technology file that makes the creation of large lists a much simpler task.

Note: For a full explanation of the application process, including assessments, timeframes and required documentation, please go to the Application Process page.