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Talisman Sabre 2019 LogoEnvironmental Baseline Reports

Defence commissioned independent consultants GHD to prepare environmental baseline reports for non-Defence Training Areas (NDTA) proposed to be used during TS19 where Defence has no recent history of training activities. These reports were commissioned to consider not only aspects of the environment that Defence needs to consider under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) but also relevant Queensland state legislation.

The Environment Report (ER) that considers the interaction of Defence activities during TS19 with the environment is to be informed by these baseline reports. Additionally, design of TS19 is also guided by the baseline reports which assist in determining what mitigation measures or avoidances are necessary to reduce the overall environmental footprint of the exercise.

Notwithstanding the specialist nature of investigations that have supported preparation of the baseline reports, Defence acknowledges time limitations and prevailing conditions at the time of preparation may affect the potential to identify some aspects of the environment that may be relevant for consideration. Such matters may include cryptic or seasonally variable species, local history and places of heritage value not published elsewhere, or other aspects comprising the ‘environment’ as defined by relevant legislation. Where such matters may be apparent to readers of these reports, Defence welcomes comments relating to additional environmental matters that could be considered by the ER. Any such comments or suggestions should be submitted through the Contact Us page.

Proserpine Airport and environs