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Suman Warrior 2014 - News

Suman Warrior CPX Phase Commences

18 September 2014

Air Commodore Ken Quinn (right), Director General - Engagements and Assessment, chats with Major Adam Sparkes during Exercise Suman Warrior 2014 at Linton Military Camp, NZ.

The annual Five Powers Defence Arrangement Command Post Exercise (CPX) held as part of Suman Warrior involves command level-integration of personnel from Singapore, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand combating a fictitious insurgent enemy force operating in 'East Bekara', to the North of Wellington NZ.

Battle Group Intelligence Officer Maj Adam Sparkes said he was very happy for the opportunity to work with the other nations.

"It's been an eye-opener seeing how they do their analysis - it's slightly different to the way we do business," he said.

"I've learnt some things that I'll be taking back home with me, so that's been good."

Maj Sparkes said the morning provided the opportunity to conduct a 'rehearsal of concept' drill.

"This involved stepping through what we think will happen within the area of operations, identifying any issues or additional considerations and then strengthening our plan," he said.

Taking part in his second Suman Warrior, Maj Sparkes said this was much different to the 2002 exercise when he was a military engineer.

"My role here is to provide intelligence on the enemy situation, and the chaos, uncertainty and friction the enemy will throw at the joint task group as it moves into the area of operations," he said.

"From this exercise I hope to not only learn about the other nations, but also become aware of any interoperability issues in order to learn how we can overcome them."

Throughout the day the training serials are played out in real-time via the simulation computers, with each new morning seeing the scenario advance by 10 days.