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Suman Warrior 2014 - News

Exercise Suman Warrior 2014 Underway

15 September 2014

Contingent members from the Five Powers Defence Arrangement assess the lie of the land during a field trip to near Norsewood, New Zealand. The site visit was held to allow particpants to better appreciate the tasks they are planning for the upcoming Command Post Exercise phase of Exercise Suman Warrior 14.

Members of the Five Powers Defence Arrangement (FPDA) came together at Linton Military Camp, North of Wellington, NZ for the 43rd iteration of Exercise Suman Warrior on September 15, 2014 (SW14).

The name Suman is derived from the first letter of the participating countries Singapore, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

The host nation, New Zealand was joined by contingents from the other four countries for this exercise which is one of many that are participated in by the FPDA, originally formed in 1971 for the protection of Malaysia and Singapore.

Each contingent has provided approximately 30 personnel to the exercise.

Chief of Staff of the 1st New Zealand Brigade LtCol Hamish Gibbons said one of the main outcomes of the coming together of the five nations was to strengthen regional ties.

"This exercise is very important to us in terms achieving interoperability and joint planning amongst the five nations," he said.

Commander Australian Contingent LtCol Peter Conroy said he wanted the Australian contingent to be very proactive in engaging with the other nations.

"Making friendships with each other is actually the most important thing, I want to encourage everybody to be as engaging as possible with the other nations," he said.

"If we take one thing away from this, it will be fostering healthy relationships with the other countries.

"While the Command Post Exercise is a small part of Suman, it is an opportunity to understand any interoperability issues we may have."

Other regional exercises that form part of the FPDA are Star Fish, Flying Fish, Suman Protector, Bersama Lima and Bersama Shield.

SW14 is held over two weeks and in addition to the Command Post Exercise it will allow members of the five nations attending to compete against each other in sport and socialise in a number of planned cultural activities.