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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services






Sponsored Works

The Estate Works Program (EWP) provides facilities maintenance projects aimed at restoring or sustaining capability and addressing safety and compliance requirements of facilities and infrastructure on the Defence Estate. The program also provides for minor development of new capability (Minor New Works) and for delivery of Sponsored Works.

Sponsor Funded Works (SFW) provides Defence Groups & Services with available funds to make changes to their estate footprint for the following reasons:

  • Estate changes in response to changing priorities;
  • Defence projects introducing new or changing capability in accordance with Group and Service initiatives;
  • Defence units requiring minor works within areas that will not be delivered through the EWP due to insufficient priority as assessed on a national basis; and
  • Defence units undertaking training activities.

The SFW processes ensures that works are funded, managed, delivered and supported in a manner that complies with applicable statutes and legislation, procurement rules, standards and codes and the Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS). The process is essential to prevent unauthorised and non-compliant works becoming a liability to Defence.Groups and Service have no authority to undertake works within their footprint of their own accord.

Sponsored Works can be delivered under three categories, each with their own management arrangements and processes as detailed below. It should be noted that the Sponsor Managed and Self Help procedures are under review and will be updated as soon as possible. The current process is to be used as a guide only.

  • Sponsor Funded Works. Estate Investment Requirement (EIR) with a budget between $0.050k - $15.0m that are funded by the Sponsor Group or Service and will be delivered by the Directorate of Estate Works Program Office (DEWPO) under the suite of Base Services Contracts (BSC). EIR’s with a budget less than $50,000.00 will be triaged on submission and referred to the Directorate of Estate Planning & Upkeep (DEPU) for delivery. ANNEX A provides the process for Sponsor Funded EIR's.

  • Sponsor Managed Works (SMW). DEWPO are currently redeveloping the Sponsor Managed Work & Self Help Procedure whereby in exceptional circumstances DEPSEC E&IG may approve the sponsor group to use a third party contractor engaged from the Defence Infrastructure Panel or Defence Unit capable of managing & delivering infrastructure projects. Sponsors will need to provide an EIR & Project Development & Delivery Plan for DEPSEC E&IG endorsement of proposed works.

    If it is the intent of the Group or Service to use SMW as a mechanism to have their work completed for the purpose of expending budget at the end of a FY or to hasten the delivery process and the scope of works indicates a requirement that the PDS or EMOS are more than capable of managing through the standard Sponsor Funded Works process, your request will be rejected.

  • The Project Delivery Services (PDS) contractors Augility and Aurecon provide project management services on approved construction, maintenance and consultancy projects that require a centrally coordinated approach across multiple sites across Australia. Dependant on the nature of works, some projects are offered to the EMOS for delivery.

  • The National Program Services (NPS) contractor Cushman & Wakefield, directly support the Directorate of Estate Works Program Office (DEWPO) through the provision of program development and program management services. EIR’s for Sponsored Works are to be sent to the EIR Inbox for triage by NPS.

For further information or advice, contact with DEWPO or NPS through the Products & Service Manager page.  Links to the procedure, Annexes and FAQ are:

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Last Reviewed: June 2021
Technical Authority: SDD
Subject Matter Expert: DEWPO