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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services





Project Support

Roles - Services Delivery Division

Role of Service Delivery Division (SDD) Staff in Project Support

Product Director (PD):

In accordance with the scope of the relevant product, the SDD Product Director is to

  • provide PD subject matter advice to assist planning decisions including providing specific service information and advice on PD conditions or developments that may impact maintainability or fitness of deliverables;
  • undertake impact assessments and provide advice on proposed projects and / or changes to services;
  • provide consideration and endorsement of project elements if required;
  • authorise changes to products arising from projects and facilitate the implementation of changes to products as required;
  • authorise transfer actions and provide authority to MSP or EMOS as required; and
  • undertake ongoing PD assurance assessments related to project deliverables and EMOS/MSP service delivery

For each Zone, the Zone Leader is the senior SDD Delegate for acceptance of project Deliverables. The Zone Leader appointment and / or staff representatives are responsible for:

Estate Management & Planning Staff

  • acceptance for Planning, Development and Project related deliverables;
  • act as the Estate subject matter expert in the Zone, supporting Units and other Zoneal SDD teams in Estate matters;
  • review and provide endorsement for Resident Unit generated project proposals (e.g. Sponsor funded works) particularly related to assessment of impacts relating to compliance, planning and development; and
  • oversee the development of Commissioning including development of NPOC and CCP submissions to ensure completeness.
  • provide estate related input related to SDD Products and Services, local conditions and sustainability to projects or planning activities;
  • ensure the quality of the Zone’s support to the Estate Maintenance Life Cycle and Project Development and delivery activity;
  • maintain information in support of strategic estate planning and property management matters;
  • undertake ongoing Estate assurance assessments related to project deliverables and EMOS/MSP service delivery.

Base Staff

  • act as the SDD representatives for the management of project interactions with Base Operations;
  • support site visits from parties associated with the conduct of project activity, including inductions and facilitation of access to or introductions to Resident Units;
  • act as SDD representatives for approval of Base operational considerations;
  • provide specific advice on local conditions and constraints related to Base Operation;
  • attend meetings and workshops to provide advice and input and maintain situational awareness of base plans and future developments; and
  • undertake ongoing base support and operations assurance assessment related to project deliverables and EMOS/MSP service delivery.
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Last Modified: June 2018
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DEPU