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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services





Project Support

Engaging EMOS Project Support

Activity 1 - Familiarise Project Team with the DELM Project Support Services Swim-lane Process

Swimlane Process

Activity 2 - Specific Project Support Requirement Identified

Project Manager to identify specific EMOS Project Support requirements as per scope of EMOS Project Support Services

EMOS Project Support Services - Tasks and Activities

Activity 3 - PSS Support Request Submitted

Project Manager to complete Project Support Request Form Template

Once completed, Project Manager to forward Project Support Request Form and any associated project documents to the EMOS Project Support Services Group Mailbox relevant to the Contracted Region for project delivery.

Activity 4 - Test Requirement vs Agreed Resource Baseline

EMOS Project Team will review Project Support Request Form to determine level of service requested and allocate to Project Support Services (PSS) Project Manager. PSS Project Manager will review the requested services against agreed Project Support Service "Fixed Fee" arrangements. Any "out-of-scope" activities will be advised to the DELM Project Support Team to authorise EMOS to prepare a "Scope and Quote" for the Project POC consideration.

Activity 4a - Develop Quote

PSS Project Manager will prepare quote based on requested ‘out-of-scope’ activities in accordance with pre-approved PPS schedule of rates and forward to Project POC for consideration

Activity 4b - Quote Accepted

Project POC shall advise PSS Project Manager whether they will accept the quote for "out-of-scope" services and raise relevant Purchase Order directly to the EMOS Contractor.

Activity 5 - Provide requested Project Support Service

PSS Project Manager to provide requested Project Support Services throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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Last Modified: August 2021
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DELM