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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Instructions for Multi-Stage Contract Change Proposal for Estate Projects

The Hand Over Take Over (HOTO) improvement project highlighted practices where Estate Maintenance & Operations Services (EMOS) development of Contract Change Proposals (CCP) resulting from estate projects were generally occurring too late to provide suitable Base Services Contract (BSC) support at the completion of HOTO or the Defect Liability Period (DLP), depending on project type.
To address this issue, the proposed concept of a "Multi-stage CCP process" was presented at the July 2019 National Contract Strategy Meetings (NCSM). At all three NCSMs, it was agreed that the EMOS contractors would support Defence in the development and implementation of the proposed Multi-stage CCP process.

The Multi-stage CCP process applies a more planned approached that is initiated earlier in the projected lifecycle. Also the process places greater priority and focus on ensuring BSC services are seamlessly available at project HOTO and/or end of DLP.
To achieve this desired service delivery objective there will be some circumstances where an "interim CCP" must be submitted during a project's construction phase, due to a lack of essential project estate data. The Interim CCPs are still expected to have a high degree of cost accuracy that will be adjusted with a final CCP submission during project DLP.
EMOS continue to highlight that incomplete and/or late provision of estate data from projects is the main constraint to provide timely CCP submissions. More timely provision of estate data will improve with use of the new HOTO v6.0 process and updated Defence suite of facilities contracts. Although these initiatives will take time to extend throughout the estate works delivery programs.
Development of a Multi-stage CCP process has been achieved through extensive EMOS and Product Director consultation and feedback to produce an Instruction, Process Workflow and CCP Submission Plan template. The Multi-stage CCP process was approved by the Director General Estate Service Delivery on 2nd December 2019 and is administered by Director Special Contract Support.

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Last Modified: April 2021
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DEPU