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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services





Estate Works Program

Program Themes

All new requirements for the Estate Works Program are categorised by Program Theme for alignment with key estate benefits to be delivered by the program.

Whilst all works are assessed according to estate risk, bids in accordance with Program Themes are encouraged for alignment with core estate outcomes for the next Estate Works Program.

E&IG provides an estate in support of Defence capability

Airfield Facilities - Works at airfield facilities including ordnance loading areas, airfield lighting, navigation aids, meteorological facilities, air traffic control towers, airfield land (non-pavement) and helipads.

Base Power Supply - Works to ensure continuous supply of base power, including uninterrupted power supply, emergency generators and alternate technology power supplies and associated controls and fuels.

Defence Fuel Installation - Management of condition and compliance requirements at maritime/airfield/ground and power supply fuel stores including storage, distribution and control functions.

Maritime Structures - Maintenance of maritime structures including wharves, wharf cranes, sea walls, breakwaters and boat ramps, ship maintenance facilities.

Security - Works on base wide, precinct and building security systems and facilities.

Special Operations Facilities - Maintenance of SOCMD buildings and facilities.

Supply Chain Facilities - Maintenance of supply chain warehouse and stores operated by Joint Logistics Command.

EO Depots' - Works to JLC Managed Explosive Ordnance Depots'.

Research and Trials Facilities - Maintenance of research, development and test and trials facilities.

Training Facilities - Maintenance of infrastructure for simulators and trainers.

Training Ranges - Maintenance of training ranges including associated safety controls, structures, infrastructure, targetry and environmental controls.

Training Area Roads - Maintenance and refurbishment of training area and range roads including main roads, access roads and tracks, excluding maintenance of fire trails in EMOS Land Management.

Medium New Works (Delivered by FIP) – New capability works greater than $500K and less  than $13.5M. 

Wash Points - Maintain aircraft, vehicle and equipment wash points and facilities.

E&IG supports a resilient and adaptive workforce

Living In Accommodation - Works at living in accommodation facilities.

Reserves and Cadet Facilities - Works on Reserves and Cadets facilities on and off base.

Gender Diversity – Works to support increased gender diversity in buildings and facilities.

Community Facilities – Works at community facilities including, schools, playgrounds, community centres and recreational structures.

Health Facilities - Works at health centres including hospitals, first aid posts, dental surgeries and other medical facilities.

Education Facilities - Works at educational facilities.

E&IG provides a safe estate

Safe Workplaces - Works that provide safety outcomes in workplaces.

Fire Safety - Works to maintain fire safety compliance in buildings and facilities.

Residual Current Devices - Installation of residual current devices.

Hazardous Areas - Identification and management of risks in hazardous and explosive areas.

Asbestos - Remediation of Asbestos containing materials in buildings and facilities.

E&IG provides a sustainable estate

Building Refurbishment - Refurbishment of building fitouts including working areas, wet areas, office space, storage areas, doors and windows.

Building Replacement - (Delivered by FIP) – Demolition and rebuild of the entire building.

Building Services - Maintenance, refurbishment and end of life replacement of buildings services including HVAC, fire protection, hydraulics, electrical, BMS and lifts.

Building Structure - Structural rectification works on buildings including footing, slabs, walls, roofing and roof plumbing.

Base Roads - Maintenance of base roads (non training areas and bushfire trails).

Electrical Infrastructure - Maintenance, refurbishment and end of life replacement of base electrical infrastructure including power generation, power connectors and on base reticulation and controls.

End of Life Refurbishment – (Delivered by FIP) – Works that replace everything other than the substructure (walls, floors and roof), where a capital replacement solution may be a better VFM outcome.

Infrastructure Replacement – (Delivered by FIP) – End of life replacement of infrastructure.

Medium New Works – New capability works greater than $500K and less than $13.5M. 

Water Infrastructure - Maintenance, refurbishment and end of life replacement of base water infrastructure including supply, storage, distribution and treatment or potable, non-potable, fire-fighting and waste water.

Land Management - Maintenance of bushfire trails, management of overabundant species, management of weeds, management of ground water IAW EMOS land management service.

Communications Infrastructure - Maintenance of communications infrastructure including infrastructure to support antennas, dishes and links.

Gas Infrastructure - Maintain gas infrastructure.

ICT Support Infrastructure - Works associated with power and air conditioning in ICT server rooms.

Demolition - Complete removal of surplus and end of life buildings and facilities.

Estate Data - Updating of estate register and geospatial estate data.

E&IG supports Government requirements

Energy & Water Efficiency – Works that reduce Electricity/Gas/Water consumption.

Heritage – Identification and maintenance of Heritage aspects of buildings and facilities.

Contaminated Site – Remediate contaminated sites.

UXO Remediation - Remediation of un-exploded ordnance.