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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services





Estate Works Program

Program Optimisation

A Working Group (WG), made up of key stakeholders in Service Delivery Division and Infrastructure Division, conduct quarterly reviews of upcoming maintenance requirements to determine the optimal program delivery method in light of estate risk and priorities and schedules for base redevelopments and capability projects.  These reviews may result in the delivery of requirements moving from EWP to FIP and vice versa.

The quarterly meetings provide a governance check on the progress of de-confliction between programs and acts as the means of communication between the E&IG Divisions at the working level. 

The WG will review the governance processes and arrangements for the de-conflictions of maintenance for critical infrastructure on a quarterly basis.

The WG role will operate under the following principles:
a.       Communicative: be available, transparent and proactive in communicating on agreed matters of priority.
b.       Consultative: engage each other in decision making processes.
c.       Collaborative: engage each other to work as a team on shared issues.

Membership List

Service Delivery Division

  • Estate Service Delivery Branch
    • Estate Works Program Office
    • National Program Services
    • Estate Planning and Upkeep

Infrastructure Division

  • Estate Planning Branch
    • National and New Capability
    • Estate Strategy and Investment Planning
    • Regional Planning
  • Capital Facilities and Infrastructure Branch
    • Program Performance
    • Medium Works Program

Working Group Meetings

Meeting No.


Meeting 01

July 2017

Meeting 02

September 2017

Meeting 03

December 2017

Meeting 04

March 2018

Meeting 05

June 2018

Meeting 06

September 2018

Note: Should you require contact with DEWPO, NPS or PDS, please refer to the Products Director page.