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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS)


Estate Information

Helicopter Insertion Extraction Training Facilities - HIET

The Army has been project managing the installation of Helicopter Insertion Extraction Training Facilities (HIET) at Darwin and Edinburgh (along with Townsville and Brisbane).

To have standard data and to aid in the “Request for Unique Estate Identifiers (UEI)” and the completion of the Estate Data Tool (EDT) for upload into the Defence Estate Information System (DEIS) for the HIET facilities the Directorate of Estate Planning and Upkeep have published below the “Request for Unique Estate Identifier for and the Estate Data Tool.

These documents are the standard templates that are to be used for HIET facilities.

In the UEI and EDT the only estate classes that are required are Infrastructure, Equipment Systems and Equipment.

The UEI example can be downloaded and the relevant fields changed e.g. Date Requested, Requested By, Requestor Name, Region, Property, Property ID and Physical Parent.

The example EDT is an older version of the Estate Data Tool.

HIET Unique Estate Identifier (UEI) Example request form

HIET Estate Data Tool (EDT) Example

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Last Modified: June 2018
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DEPU

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