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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Estate Upkeep - Product Delivery

EU06 - Minor Workplace Adjustment (MWA)

Minor Workplace Adjustments (MWA) are low value new work (not maintenance) up to the value of $5,000 (excluding GST) including but not limited to:

  • moving items (e.g. partitions, workstations, power points, whiteboards);
  • installing additional items (e.g. power points, mounting picture rails and whiteboards) and
  • replacing locks with those with a specified function.


  1. MWAs must comply with all relevant Legislation, Standards and Policy requirements. If the works trigger any new or changed compliance requirements, then the cost of compliance must be included in the cost of the works.
  2. MWA delivery does not include the purchase of specialist equipment, Fixed Plant and Equipment (FP&E) or Other Plant and Equipment (OP&E) associated with the request.

The requirements for MWAs are included in the Service Definition Table.

Activity 1 – MWA Request lodged with Base Service Support Centre

All requests for MWA must be lodged and administered through the Base Services Support Centre (BSSC) as follows:

  1. Locations with DRN access:

    (a) log a job via the GEMS Portal: http://drnet/dsrg/GEMS/InterfaceAssets/GEMSGateway.aspx

    (b) submit Web Form AE547, or

    (c)  call 1300 658 975.

  2. Locations without DRN access, contact 1300 658 975.

EMOS refer to Create ZM01 MWPA Responsive WO - GEMS FSM - Standard Operating Procedure

Activity 2 Assessment of MWA Request

Responsibility: EMOS Contractor

The EMOS Contractor will do a preliminary assessment on the Work Order to establish if works are in accordance with the Conditions of Approval.

Requesters should note that the MWA cannot progress for automatic delivery through the EMOS base services contract (BSC) if the work triggers any of the following outcomes:

    1. creates an increased operating cost in excess of $100.00 per annum;
    2. adversely impacts the operation of the building, the broader estate or other users;
    3. costs more than $5000.00 to complete;
    4. work is in support of, or as a result of a project or exercise; or
    5. work is not linked to business or capability improvement e.g. area beautification.

If the works do not meet the Conditions of Approval the EMOS will engage with the BM and consider alternative delivery methods including seeking exemptions from the Conditions of Approval.

Alternative options:

Activity 3 – Progressing Minor Workplace Adjustment

Responsibility: EMOS Contractor

Approved as a MWA

If the MWA is approved the EMOS Contractor completes the Work Order within the contracted timeframe.

Once the Work Order has been completed the EMOS Contractor updates GEMS.

Not Approved as a MWA

1. Where a request has been rejected as it does not meet the provisions of this Business Rule nor is it an option for exemption, the EMOS is to provide guidance to the requester on possible alternative delivery options;

The EMOS must follow the Process Flow Chart at Attachment 1 in the MWA Business Rule, before discussing option 1 to 3 above with the customer or notifying the customer of any outcome.

The Zone Approved MWA & SFW Form is to be completed by the EMOS and BM to support the review process in the process flow chart at Attachment 1 of the MWA Business Rule.

2. If the MWA is not approved, complete all GEMS activities and record the requirement as a ZM03 Estate Appraisal Work Order.

Seeking Exemption from Conditions of Approval

There may be occasions where a requested MWA does not meet one or more Conditions of Approval yet the benefit to the requester or broader Defence may warrant further consideration of the request. In these cases the Base Manager (BM) on behalf of the requester may seek exemption from the Conditions of Approval for MWA from the SDD Zone nominated EL2 level MWA Delegate.

The guiding principle for approving an exemption is Value for Money (VFM), particularly the benefit or impact the request provides for the requester and broader Defence. In undertaking their consideration the Delegate at their discretion may seek further advice from stakeholders.

The Zone Delegate's authority is limited to considering Conditions of Approvals exemption requests for MWA works valued at less than $20,000 GST Exc (inclusive of all costs plus contractor margins). The Zone Delegate does not have authority to exempt any other limitation or process defined in this business rule. Including where work would result in a building code compliance failure, safety risk or an adverse impact on capability.

Sponsor Funded Works under $50,000

Complex or high value Sponsor Funded Works approval is via the Estate Investment Requirement (EIR) process and managed through the Estate Works Program (EWP). To align the necessary administrative effort with risk and to reduce timeframes associated with delivery of low complexity Sponsor Funded Works requests under $50,000 can use a streamlined process where they are considered by Service Delivery Zone Delegates and delivered by the EMOS.

Customers log a job for low complexity Sponsor Funded Works with the EMOS Base Services Support Centre (BSSC). The EMOS contractor will work with the requestor to develop an initial scope and cost estimate for consideration by the Base Manager and Zone Delegate. If approved the EMOS will work with the customer to deliver the work. The Zone Delegate’s financial authority is limited to less than $50,000 GST ex (inclusive of all costs plus Contractor margins).

Customers must have a Delegate approved request and the funding committed for transfer to E&IG prior to EMOS commencing work.

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Last Modified: August 2021
Technical Authority: ESD
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