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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Defence Environment and Heritage Panel (DEHP) 2014-2019

The Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group (E&IG) within the Department of Defence has established the Defence Environment and Heritage Panel (DEHP) for the provision of ongoing environment and heritage services in support of Department of Defence and Defence Materiel Organisation locations across Australia. The primary purpose of this Panel is to enable Defence and contractors to Defence to build a strong, collaborative relationship with consultants who are prepared to invest time and resources to identifying, understanding and servicing Defence environment and heritage requirements. It is intended that the Panel will facilitate this strong collaborative relationship, through the communicative processes it engenders to the mutual benefit of Defence and the consultants appointed to the Panel.

The Panel Agreement commenced on Monday 10 Feb 14. View the Standing Offer Notice - (SON ID - SON2030181). Enquiries regarding the DEHP should be directed to the DEHP Panel Manager via email

The Panel comprises 6 Streams with 17 specialist Service Categories.

Version Control
Version No: 22.3 | Last Updated: Jan 19
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