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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Defence Environment and Heritage Panel (DEHP) 2009-2013

Previous Panel

The Standing Offer for the Provision of Defence Environment and Heritage Panel (DEHP) 2009-2014 Standing Offer Agreement SON153695 expired on 9 February 2014. Contracts which were established under SON153695 prior to 9 February 2014 may continue until they expire. No new contracts can be established. Under NO circumstances should the 2009-2013 DEHP be utilised for any new project after 9 February 2014. The same provision applies to any proposed expansion to a project scope of works; new phase or next stage of any project completed under the 2009-2013 Panel. If a project sponsor or project manager considers there to be exceptional circumstances associated with a particular project in this regard; the project sponsor or project manager should seek further advice from the DEHP Panel Manager ;via email

Panel Agreement – The DEHP Panel Agreement sets out the basis of the relationship between Defence and the Consultant appointed to the Panel. The document is divided into the followingsections:

Section 1 - this introduction;
Section 2 - the terms of the Panel Agreement ("Conditions of Panel Agreement");
Section 3 - the detailed consultant's activities proposal ("Panel DCAP");
Section 4 - the process for engagement of Panel Consultants for projects;
Section 5 - the terms for engaging a Consultant for projects ("Terms of Engagement"); and
Section 6 - the Services that may be required from the Consultant.

The Panel Agreement is the initial framework for the relationship between Defence and individual consultants. The actual panel agreements are kept by the DEHP Panel Manager. This document should not be used for the engagement or management of panel members.