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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Defence Environment and Heritage Panel (DEHP) 2014-2019

Performance Management

Individual Engagement Level Performance

If you are experiencing performance issues with a consultant, it is the Project Officers responsibility to attempt to resolve the issue at the engagement level before escalating the issue.

It is important that any performance issues are raised formally, this can be done through:

  • Raising the performance issue in a meeting with the Consultant, with the minutes formally recorded and issued to all attendees; or
  • in writing, requiring a response from the Consultant on their proposed resolution.

It is important that these issues are documented, especially if the issues continue to occur after initial performance discussions. It is the Project Officers responsibility to retain records of non-performance.

If the performance issue is not resolved or if the performance issue is panel wide you may contact the Panel Manager for assistance in resolving the issue.

If the issue is a serious, and termination is being considered, you must contact the Panel before commencing such action.

As Panel users, you will be given an opportunity to provide both positive & constructive feedback on a Consultants performance to the Commonwealths Panel Manger, who will collate such feedback and provide to the Consultants during the annual performance discussions.

In order to provide feedback, the Template Feedback Form should be completed and forwarded to

Panel Level Performance

The Panel Agreement requires all panel members to participate in performance management discussions with the Commonwealth as required by the Commonwealth's Panel Manager. These discussions will be held at a minimum of 12 monthly intervals and will focus on the Consultants performance generally.

Panel Member Responsibilities

The Consultant must submit a Consultant Performance Assessment that outlines the self assessment of the Consultant's performance during the Performance Review Period against the KPIs included within the template.